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Leaking is not normal

What is Urinary Incontinence (UI)?

UI is loss of bladder control that leads to urine leaking out before you can get to a bathroom. Some may lose a few drops of urine when they cough or laugh. Others may feel a sudden urge to urinate and cannot control it. If you have UI, you are not alone. Millions of people have this problem, especially as they get older. However, aging does not mean that this is something you HAVE to live with! As we always say, just because something is common doesn’t mean it is normal.

What are the different types of UI?

● Stress UI: Involuntary loss of urine on effort or physical exertion (such as cough, sneeze, laugh, sporting activities)

● Urgency UI: Involuntary loss of urine associated with a strong urge

● Postural UI: Involuntary loss of urine associated with change in body position, such as standing up from a chair or getting out of bed

● Nocturnal enuresis: Involuntary UI which occurs during sleep

● Mixed UI: Involuntary loss of urine associated with urgency and with effort or physical exertion

● Continuous UI: Complaint of continuous involuntary loss of urine

● Insensible UI: Loss of urine when the patient is not aware of how the leakage occurred

● Coital incontinence: Involuntary loss of urine with coitus (can be divided into leakage occurring during penetration and also with orgasm)

What can I do about UI?

Many people do not want to talk to their doctor about such a personal topic, but UI is a common medical problem which can get better with proper treatment. Even if you feel shy, it is up to you to take the first step. Some doctors don't treat bladder control problems, so they may not think to ask about it. Be sure to ask about a referral to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, which has been shown to be the most effective way to treat UI. Pelvic floor PTs are specially trained to treat all types of pelvic problems (including UI). Not every physical therapist is trained in this, but at DPT we specialize in pelvic floor dysfunction.

It is never normal to leak urine! If you do not want to have to wear pads or are avoiding going out because of fear of urinary leaking then give us a call. PT can help!

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