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Tips for a successful exercise program

The 1st step to success is to have an achievable goal:

If you set your goals too high, they will never be achieved which will leave you feeling like you failed. Don’t start out by saying you want to lose twenty pounds, focus on trying to lose five. Try to drink one less glass of soda or eat one less sugary snack a day, instead try to drink an extra glass of water and eat something healthy. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to help keep you on track - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based.

The 2nd step is to find an activity you like to do:

If you have never rollerbladed in your life, don’t choose that as your mode of exercises because you likely won’t keep it up. You don’t need to buy fancy gym equipment or a membership either (unless you feel like that will hold you accountable). Instead, take the dog for a walk, a stroll through the mall, or play catch with your child. These are simple and inexpensive ways to get moving. Get a friend to join you! People are significantly more likely to stick to an exercise program when they have a partner. If you can find a way to make exercise be a fun experience, and less of a chore, you’ll see better results.

And finally, do it:

If you constantly say “I’ll start tomorrow”, tomorrow will never come. If finding time is an issue, make an appointment with yourself, like you would go to the hairdresser or for Physical Therapy. Or start by breaking it up; instead of a 30-minute walk do 3 10-minute walks throughout the day or 10 squats during every commercial break of your nighttime television show. You’ll feel great and you will also be a great example for those around you!

If you need recommendations or support during your exercise journey, please know that the DPT staff is always here to help! Give us a call to schedule an appointment. Physical Therapists are exercise experts and we can help you find a program that will work for you.

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