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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a treatment provided by a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant that helps people improve their movement and physical function, manage pain and other chronic conditions and recover from and prevent injury and chronic disease. Physical Therapy is a hands-on approach that includes treatment as well as education for the whole body. Your treatment will begin with an Examination, Diagnosis and a Treatment for your specific problem or injury. The second focus of your treatment is Education; including Proper Posture, Body Mechanics, Prevention of Further Injuries and Consultation. You will be given a program to do at home that is specific for you and your problem.

Physical therapists are movement experts! Physical therapists are educated in understanding the interaction of all your body parts. They are a vital part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team. Their hands-on approach begins with examination, diagnosis, and treatment of your specific problem. Then they teach you how to take care of yourself by showing you how to do exercises and how to use your body properly to gain strength and mobility and prevent recurring injury. You’ll find them advising on proper posture and body mechanics, treating injuries, consulting on fitness, and administering physical therapy in many different settings; such as the home, outpatient clinics, the hospital, industrial facilities, schools, nursing homes, athletic teams, rehabilitation facilities and more. Physical therapists provide help for the whole body to people from infants to the elderly. To be a Physical Therapist (PT) you are required to obtain a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and a license in the state in which you work. You can also work as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA), which requires an A.S. degree in Physical Therapy and a license in the state you work.

At DPT we focus on personalized care for each of our patients in order to restore function and reach their goals. We educate each patient to learn about their body and prevent further injury. Our hands on approach with each patient allows us to tailor each treatment plan to fit the specific need of each individual to obtain the best result. We treat patients one at a time to be sure they are receiving quality care. If you are referred to physical therapy you can go to any provider you choose. Choose the best care!

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