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Workstation & Posture Recommendations for your Aches & Pains!

Because what you do for 40 hrs/wk can really impact your body and work can be painful enough!

What your WORKSTATION should look like:

  • Monitor should be 18-22 inches from your forehead with the top of the screen at eye level. Set up perpendicular to windows for the best lighting and to reduce eye strain.

  • Adjust seat height so that your knees are in line or slightly below your hips with feet resting comfortably on the floor (or step stool!)

  • Keyboard height should be just below your elbow height. If you’re using a laptop, try looking into getting a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse with wrist rest for optimal setup!

  • If your chair has armrests, adjust the height so that your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Add pillows under your arms if this isn’t possible.

What YOU should look like:

  • Try to sit as tall as possible. Keep your chest open and shoulders relaxed. Avoid having your head come too far forward over your chest or left leaning towards one side.

  • Arms should rest comfortably at your sides with elbows bent at a 90 degree angle - not stretching far away to reach the mouse or keyboard.

  • Add a lumbar support pillow to your low back/pelvis to avoid slumping or slouching.

  • There should be 2-3 inches between the front of your chair and the back of your knees.

To help further prevent injury:

  • Exercise regularly

  • Change positions frequently

  • Manage your stress - exercise can help!

Reach out to the staff at DPT for an appointment to get further recommendations if your aches or pains persist!

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